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About Songray Vacuum

Songray Vacuum is a professional vacuum pump repair factory, Familiar with various types of vacuum pumps, Has more than 20 years of experience in vacuum pump design/sales/maintenance, etc., In the early stage, it mainly focused on the maintenance of oil vacuum pumps. And slowly began to contact high-depth customization cases of special customized products, Be able to understand whether it is a customer maintenance case or a customized product, In the negotiation with customers, it is better to turn customers' ideas into actual finished products. Because of these opportunities, the company's business is growing stronger, At present, the factory specializes in (1) Vacuum pump maintenance (2) Vacuum pump sales (3) Vacuum system design (4) Vacuum consumables, pipe fasteners sales etc., and deeply trusted and recommended by customers.

Professionals have experience in dismantling and maintaining various brands of vacuum pump machinery, Familiar with the characteristics of all brand pumps, Can quickly and accurately repair machinery, and often undertake maintenance and warranty cases in the same industry, If customers need to purchase vacuum pumps, Welcome to contact us, we will find the most suitable pump for your work needs, and we will never outsource pump maintenance to other companies in the future. Send it directly to the factory for maintenance, avoiding time loss due to order transfer, and provide you with the fastest and safest after-sales service.


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